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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 09-06-2012
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Question Question: how to make the transporter behave as a reach truck

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am trying to model a stock replenishment operation in the warehouse using reach trucks.
In order to do that convincingly, I need to change the "turning radius" of the transporter, i.e. the amount of time it takes to kinematics to turn it when travelling. I cannot find the right setting to do it right. I have constructed a simplified model using a transporter, but there is no way it can represent a behavior of the narrow aisle reach truck in typical tall racking with 3.5m aisles.
So I am stuck with a number of questions:
1) Is there a hidden variable that I can set to make it flip faster? Is the only way to go about it is to build the forklift from scratch using a BasicTE? Speaking of which, has anyone done that and is willing to share an example?

2) The problem with incorrect picking and placing incorrectly is addressed as follows: After all the 3D shapes have been added in the Animation Creator, go back to General Properties and replace the values of SZ, SY, and SZ with the values from the Animation Creator. Important: Apply changes, than go back to Animation Creator and hit "Save Base Positions". Do not hit reset before doing so or the dimensions of the object will get corrupted.

2)I also noticed that I could not get the vehicle to position itself properly when picking up and dropping of using FRLOAD and FRUNLOAD. I changed the vehicle dimensions in the animation creator, but it had not been reflected when choosing the position to fork the product, so the vehicle positions itself with a y-offset and it looks awful. I adjust the position of the pallet on the forks in OnLoad trigger, but that is treating the symptom rather than the problem.
It looks like the problem may have to do with the size of the truck body not matching the gray dimension box in the Animation Creator. How do I resize the gray box without resizing the body of the truck?

3)Also, is there a way to add a rotation kinematic to the transporter and incorporate it into a custom task sequence? If instead of some of mucking around with creating 3 point-turns using a creative application of PICKOFFSET and PLACEOFFSET I can just order the truck to turn on the spot, some of the problems will go away (as with real reach trucks, this may be unnecessary if I can specify a really tight turn radius).

Thank you!

P.S. Some of my ideas implemented in the model may be worth looking at. For instance the way I create the temporary floor storage by moving an invisible queue around may come handy in a variety of of materials handling modeling tasks.
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forklift, materials handling, reach truck, stock replenishment

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