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Category Description Files
Healthcare Tutorial Models Model files referenced in the FlexSim Healthcare Users Manual tutorial section. 5
Healthcare Training Models Model files built during FlexSim Healthcare training courses provided here for reference purposes. 10
Videos Video files of Flexsim models
Sub Categories: GUI Builder Demos
Tutorials Learning to use Flexsim and create simulation models
Sub Categories: Version 5.0 Tutorials, Version 6.0 Tutorials, Version 7.0 Tutorials
Models Simulation model files
Sub Categories: Getting Started Tutorials, Sample FlexSim Models, Version 4.32, Version 4.5, Version 7.0, Version 5.0, Version 6.0, Flexsim Concept, User Display, User Concept, Support Models
Libraries Custom Flexsim User Libraries 8
Picklists Custom Picklist Options 1
Commands Custom User Commands 4
3D Shapes Flexsim compatible 3D shape files
Sub Categories: Processors, Transporters, Operators
Textures Images useful for seemless repeating textures
Sub Categories: Earth, Water, Sky, Building Material
Sky Boxes Set of images for texturing a cube used as a model background world 1
Flexsim CT Downloads Flexsim CT (Container Terminal) related downloads 10
Downloads: 697727 We have 247 files in 31 categories.

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