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Old 01-25-2016
Axel Kohonen
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Default New location for the html commands help files in Flexsim 7.7.2


In case someone else than me likes to keep the Flexsim commands index open in their browser you need to know that the location of the files has changed when moving to Flexsim 7.7.2 See the quote from Phil BoBo at Flexsim below. Note especially that the html files are still available in ProgramData (C:\ProgramData\Flexsim\FlexSim7.7\help), but they are not updated and therefore already out of date (see e.g. the stringreturn function).


commandsindex.html, commands.html, commandsgroupsindex.html, and commandsgroupsindex.html are all generated dynamically by the FlexSim software itself.

The base information for the command documentation is in the file C:\Program Files\FlexSim7.7\help\Commands\commands.xml

Additionally, when FlexSim generates the html command help files, it also documents any additional commands that were dynamically added to the software, such as user commands.

In FlexSim 7.7 and earlier, these html help files were generated in ProgramData.

Recently, we've had several users with IT policies that prevented FlexSim from being able to write to the ProgramData directory, which caused the user manual to not display any command documentation in the software. Because of that, in 7.7.2, we changed it so that it writes everything to the AppData directory and no longer uses the ProgramData directory for anything. Any files previously generated in ProgramData are still there, but FlexSim is no longer using them.

In FlexSim 7.7.2, the html help files are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Flexsim\FlexSim7 .7\help
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