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Old 11-17-2015
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Default Avi maker and SQL

Is there anybody has an issue of using AVI maker and SQL DB?
I have a model that connects and communicates with SQL DB. When I tried to make a movie clip using AVI maker, suddenly it gives me an error on my first query. It seems the connection is lost(?).
Immediately after deleting AVI maker and resetting, however, the model runs successfully runs again.

AVI Maker has something to do with SQL DB?? Any thought or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I use 7.5.4 and SQL Express 2014
Old 11-23-2015
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The AVI maker has just been replaced in Version 7.7, if you can move to the new version it has been completely replaced with a much better version. Though I have not had any issues with SQL interfering with or being interfered with. I tend to find testing SQL to the output console is a great way to debug as you go.

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