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Old 08-19-2015
Isba Bala 怡萱 何
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Default How to write FlexScript to assign TaskExecuter

I am a beginner.
I want to simulate one automatic factory,and this is a small one.

In this case,
one visual tool representative of a workstation,
there are 2 platform(one for raw material(QueueIn) another for finished good(Queue2)),
and one processor in a workstation.

Steps as follow:
1.AGV(TaskExecuter) go to QueueOut to pick up 7 pieces of raw material.
2.AGV go to each workstation to exchange raw material(blue) and finished good(yellow).
2-1.AGV unload 1 raw material to QueueIn.
2-2.In the meanwhile, if there is already a finished good in Queue2,AGV should pick it up.
3.AGV go to sink to unload all of finished goods.
4.In the end of circle,if there are remaining raw material on the AGV,
AGV go to Queue17 to unload all remaining raw material.

I just have version 6 ,so I use a standard network for Taskexecuters to make it similar to agv module.
In the first model,i checked the box of "use transport" ,but it did not run ideally.
Therefore,in the second model,i did not check the box of "use transport",i wrote some FlexScript in the triggers .However,it did not work.

Does anyone could help me to check where the problem of FlexScript is.
Thank you very much.
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agv, factory, manufacturing, taskexecuter, triggers

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