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Old 07-28-2014
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Default Current Version is 4.3.10

Here's a brief summary of recent releases:

Version 4.3.10 (June 2014)
New Features
  • User sees a warning message if the model start time is set to something greater than 7 days
  • Increased the maximum number of resource assignments for an activity from 9 to 99
  • Added "Start an Activity on Specific Patients" pickoption to all trigger fields
  • Gave user the option to update location statistics for companions that do not actually enter a location
Bug Fixes
  • The experiment variable to update an Arrival Table now sets the PCI column correctly
  • The Data Collector's "List of Locations" recording criteria option now accepts Areas as well as Locations
  • Data Collectors now pass the correct value for "lastval" in column calculation functions
  • Fixed the "Standard Down" function for Time Tables and Random Interrupts so that it doesn't cause exceptions later in certain memory conditions
  • Updated the "Resume Object Flow" function for Time Tables and Random Interrupts so that locations don't receive extra patients when they resume
  • Fixed an animation problem when patients try to sit down while carrying something
  • If a Location's Area is changed to an Area that does not yet exist, the Location's input and output ports are deleted
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when switching from a bar chart to a dot plot in the Patient Waiting Time dashboard widget
  • Standing animation is now applied to staff called as operators to ItemProcessing objects
  • Removed a warning that occurred if a model had just item class objects
  • The shape on Patient Processing objects will now either do nothing or animate patient according to patient's last known position as recorded in the frame attribute.
  • Fixed problems with Patient Rounds option for Custom Activities
  • Global Processes are now correctly giving a unique PatientID value for reporting purposes
  • Fixed speed adjustment problems that could occur in models where patients are transported
  • Fixed Dispatch Companions picklist option so that it properly manages location statistics

Version 4.3.8 (May 2014)
New Features
  • Utilization box plots only record a single value per period per day - this applies to Resources, Locations and Item Object widgets
  • Added box plots to State widgets for Resources, Locations and Item Objects that work like the Utilization box plots
  • Improved look and behavior of box plots
  • Added box plot to Resource Distance Traveled widget
Bug fixes
  • Fixed how the box plot displays the range on the y-axis if the number of decimals being displayed is 0
  • Patient Throughput box plots no longer have extra observations if the model starts at a time other than 01:00:00
  • Fixed a bug in Census box plot that was causing too many 0s to be recorded
  • Resource State dot plots are now refreshed correctly during a model run
  • Long DataCollector names are handled better when they are exported to Excel
  • Correct spacing between multiple options in a trigger field is now ensured
  • Patients no longer line up at Arrival objects - it was causing replications to not repeat predictably
  • GlobalProcesses can no longer start before 0.000011 - this keeps them from having issues with early events on Patients
  • The version number is now displayed as 4.3.8 (instead of 4.38)
  • Stopped some irritating messages when models were opened in Demo or Runtime mode

Version 4.3.6 (April 2014)
Bug fixes
  • Stacked bar charts are displayed correctly again
  • When models from older versions are opened, all Item Objects will appear in the Flowchart GUI

Version 4.3.4 (April 2014)
New Features
  • Reordered and improved the information in the popup display in the box plot
  • Added Acuity to the labels that can be edited by a Patient Arrivals Schedule
  • Added Help button to Dashboard, move the tab control buttons to the left to be with the other buttons
  • When models are updated from previous versions, a list of the old versions is kept
  • Dot plots now list the replication number of an observation in the popup window
  • Bar charts and box plots now support and display negative results
Bug fixes
  • Fixed how line charts merge data from multiple replications
  • Fixed how throughput box plots handle start times, warmup times and empty periods
  • Utilization bar charts now show the percentage by the bar names
  • Fixed a bug where states were being set incorrectly when a model was stopped
  • Improved and fixed the behavior of the Areas drop-down list on Location parameter GUIs
  • Fixed an exception in Resource, Location and Item State and Utilization dot plots
  • Fixed an exception in Utilization Box Plots if the model ran more than one day
  • Copying and pasting item objects now adds them to the Flowcharting View as well
  • Sample Set names are now checked for validity before they are applied
  • Making nearly any change to the model will set the active scenario number to 0
  • Choosing an Area in a Location Parameters GUI now applies immediately
  • Histograms manage the size of their y-axis better
  • Replaced a lot of uses of getlabelval() with getlabelvalue()
  • GUI improvements
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