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Competitive Comparisons An open discussion of Flexsim's strengths and weaknesses compared to competitive products

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Old 03-06-2014
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Default Flexsim vs. SimCad for Distribution Center

I am planning to use Flexsim to model a large distribution center. The client has asked about using SimCAD as an alternative software solution. Unfortunately I have never used SimCAD so can't respond directly to their question from my experience. From a high level, it looks like SimCAD's big selling feature is its ability to build models with NO programming necessary. Also, they mention that their software can "Interact with external tools, whether it is a connection to multiple databases, multiple Excel files, RFID, EMR, multiple PLC or OPC servers. All the required mapping is built in." Can you give me an idea of how FlexSim compares to SimCAD in the context of building a distribution center model?
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Old 03-07-2014
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Hi William,

I have not worked with SimCad but have taken a look at their website and what could be found on YouTube. I don't know if you have done the same already?

First off all if you look at a simple demo on how to build something and compare that to Flexsim, Flexsim is also NO Programming. I think that any tool that states that there is NO PROGRAMMING is lying (and they play it down a bit already by stating that you don't have to write code, so maybe some visual programming?).
If you look at their website it states: "In addition, Simcad Pro provides an optional coding environment in Visual Basic (similar to Microsoft Word, Excel ,...)." So if you don't need programming why provide a programming tool

The other thing is that you seem to be modelling in 2D and the 3D has to be added on later, while flexsim is 3D all the way.

And if you look at some of the 3D models on YouTube, it looks like Flexsim's movements are way smoother and better, which for me, looks like Flexsim animation capacity is much higher.

Concerning the connectivity, Flexsim has a lot of those buildin (TCP/IP, ODBC for Database, text files, Excel interface etc) but has the added bonus that because it is seemless integrated with C++ anything that is not present standard can be added (like native access to database systems)

So those are my thoughts by just looking at some available material. I would also be interested to hear from somebody who can actually compare them.

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