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Old 10-26-2015
hendry teo
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Default Two robot with coordinated TS, how about the visual animation?

Hi all

In my model, I have two robots that visually stick together. Using the coordinated task sequence, I manage to make these two robots to travel together in every moment. Just imagine them like a Y-shaped robot, and let's call them arm1 and arm2. Arm1 is responsible for loading/unloading a raw material and arm2 acts to load/unload the finished goods. These tasks can be defined perfectly just using the cts.

However, my problem comes when it is related to the animation. When loading/unloading, how do I make this Y-shaped robot moved 'naturally'? I thought of referring the motions of one arm to the Path number when doing loading/unloading, but, how about the other arm? That other arm cant just stay still in its position, I want it to move too even it is doing nothing. How can I achieve this?

I hope I have explained clearly. Thank you very much!

Best regards
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