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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 03-17-2009
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Default different loops

hello everyone,

in attachment there is a file of me, but i have the following question: in my model there are 2 loops: the loop of queue 1-2-3-4 (transports a red box followed by a green box) and the loop of queue 1-5-6-7 (transports a blue box followed by a brown box). in the beginning an operator begins at queue 1, checks if the box is red or blue and follows the corresponding loop. If for example he has a red box at queue 1, he has to put it in queue 2 and go to queue 3. There he has to wait untill there is a green box available and put that box in queue 4, so he has to stick to the order of the loop without skipping a queue. But in my program, for example if there are no boxes in queue 3 but there are boxex in queue 6, he takes one of those. But if an operator starts a loop, he has to stick to that loop, not go to another one. Can anybody tell me what to change in my program? And what if I have for example 3 loops, and the operators can switch between 2 loops, but not go to the 3th loop? (i have to have 5 loops in the end, 2 times a 2 loops where you can switch between and one separate loop).

thanx a lot for answers!
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Old 03-18-2009
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Default Two WaitingOperators labels

I tried creating two labels on the controller instead of just one "WaitingOperators". I created WaitingOperators3 and WaitingOperators6 to indicate at which queue the operator was waiting. It seems to work.

So I think you will want a separate label for each loop. If two loops can share operators, they can share the label.

good luck,
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