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Old 05-31-2008
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Default Access flexsim-dll-project in Google Code

This is a companion article with Anthony's post, DLLs that attach to Flexsim). We have decided to put the Flexsim dll project as an open source project. And now every body can check out the project at Google Code. If you would like to contribute, just follow the instruction below. Hope more users will contribute to the project. The following post is originally in Distributor forum.

************************************************** *****
I uploaded the project files "DLL Maker" into the svn repository. Now everybody can check out project files anonimously through the non-authenticated link, or use the your google account to check out and commit your change through the authenticated link You could also use the above flexsimdevelopment account to checkout and commit the changes. But I won't recommend that since it won't let us know who are making the changes and who are the contributors. Here are several things that you should know before you check out the repository.

1. Google Account

You have to have a Google account to be as a development member. If you do not have one yet, leave a message here and I am sure many people can invite you to create one.

2. Add Your Google Account into Project Member List

Once you have a Google account, just leave your Google account here.
And we will add you as a project member and then you can check out and commit your changes. Note that you can check out the files anonymously through the non-authenticated link above. The requirement of the Google account is only for commiting the changes you made to the project files.

3. flexsim-dll-project and Your Googlecode Password

Once we added you as a project member, you can log into your Google account then use the following link to access project webpage at:

Once you are there, click the Source tab. Here you can see some instructions on how to access source repository. You can click the password link ( on this page to view your googlecode password. This password is used when you later commit your changes.

4. Using TortoiseSVN to Access flexsim-dll-project

Google code uses Subversion repositories. So I will give a quick introduction on using Subversion to access flexsim-dll-project. If you want to know more about Subversion, you may try Google or refer to the Subversion book If you are familiar with Subversion, you may ignore this section.

4.1 Download and Install TortoiseSVN

Firstly, you need to download a Subversion clicent program. I recommend you the TortoiseSVN, which is an excelent Subversion clicent program in Windows. The most recent version of TortoiseSVN can be downloaded at:

It is a standard Windows installation file. Follow the on-screen instruction to install it.

4.2 Use TortoiseSVN

Once you have installed the TortoiseSVN, you should see TortoiseSVN pop-up menu when you right click in your Windows Explorer. You can check out, update, and commit using TortoiseSVN in your Windows Expoler easily. Once you have checked out your project, or shared it, you work in a simple cycle: Edit, Update, and Commit. The following description assume that you use C:/FlexsimDLL as the working directory for flexsim-dll-project.

4.2.1 Check out flexsim-dll-project

Follow these steps:
  1. Create the directory C:/FlexsimDLL.
  2. Right click on C:/FlexsimDLL in your Windows Explorer.
  3. Select "SVN Checkout..." in the pop-up menu.
  4. In the "URL of the repository", input:
  5. Click OK.
  6. An authentication window will show up to ask your user name and password. Use your Google account name (for example, flexsimdevelopment) and your googlecode password (NOT your gmail password) found in the above step 3. Click OK.
  7. You should see the DLL Maker directory under C:/FlexsimDLL if the authentication is sucessful.
4.2.2 Update

Once a while, you may want to check out if there are new version of files in flexsim-dll-project. Just right click on the C:/FlexsimDLL directory. And select "SVN Update" menu item.

4.2.3 Make Change and Commit C:/FlexsimDLL

After you made some changes to the source files, you may want to share your work with others and have your changes tested. Right click on C:/FlexsimDLL directory, select "SVN Commit...". You should write some description on the changes you make in the Message textbox. Under Changes made, you can choose which files and directory you want to commit.

4.2.4 Deal with Conflict

Not like the other popular version control system CVS, Subversion allows multiple users checking out files at the same time without locking the files. Although Subversion also allow locking files, typically you do not want to do so. Since more than one person could edit the same file at the same time, conflict could occur.

A good pratice is to Update whenever you are ready to do so, e.g. when your changes are stable. You should also always Update immediately before your Commit your work. In case of conflicts, you should merge them manually. After done that, mark the conflict as resolved using the menu item in Team menu.

4.3 Useful Settings for TortoiseSVN

I recommend you making several useful settings for TortoiseSVN.

4.3.1 Use Winmerge to Compare Files

TortoiseSVN has a internal text comparison program TortoiseMerge. But my experience is that it is not as good as Winmerge. You may download Winmerge at After the installation, you can set TortoiseSVN to use Winmerge to compare different versions of files as follows:
  1. Right click a folder
  2. TortoiseSVN->Settings
  3. External Programs
  4. Config Diff Viewer, Merge Tool and Unified Diff Viewer to use external program.
C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe
(Change the above line if you install WinMerge to a different directory.)
4.3.2 Add Ignore List

Generally, we do not want automatically generated files (exe etc.) during the complining process uploaded onto the server. You could do so by unselect these files during the Commit process. You could also add an ignore list for the project. This can be done using the following steps.
  1. Right click the work copy of the project (C:/FlexsimDLL);
  2. Choose Properties;
  3. Click Subversion tab;
  4. Under properties, choose svn:ignore in the list;
  5. Input ignore list in multiple line. Then click Set to set the property. You ignore list could be like this:

Ok. That's all I want to say here. I am neither an SVN nor Google Code expert so if something is missing or wrong, please let me know. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message here or send me an email. I am pretty sure somebody here can help you.

Enjoy programming!

Last edited by Cliff King; 06-27-2008 at 12:43 PM.

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