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Old 04-11-2016
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Question How to open and close the queue input/output every 30 sec?

Dear all,

I am doing a transportation traffic road simulation with flexsim 6.0 version.

i have created the 5 sources representing 5 different vehicles and connect them to the queue (for the vehicles can go to random port) and then 2 same direction conveyors and finally sink.

Now i wish to the vehicles can pass through the queue every 30 sec, which means that 30 sec allow the car pass through and stop the car for another 30 sec. But i do not know how to do and i have limited knowledge on programming code.

Great thanks
Old 05-10-2016
Adarsh Jeyes
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It would be helpful for users to understand your problem better if you could attach a sample of your model along with your question.

As far as I've understood, you want to alternatively open and close the input/output of the queue every 30 s.

Assuming model units in seconds, and working only with the output of the queue, use the following code on the queue:



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Sebastian Hemmann (05-12-2016)


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