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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 01-22-2016
Dan Reisenauer
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Default Batch and Que Question

Greetings all. I’m new to FlexSim and self-taught. I’ve got a scenario that I’m not sure how to work with the existing objects in the library.

We are filling “blocks”. The blocks are different sizes and are collected in a cart until the cart is full. I would add a parameter to the flowitems so the cart knows when it reaches a specified size it is full. When the cart is full, it begins to move into different zones. The first zone is a filling station. Later zones are for curing and then finally unload to be refilled (it’s a loop). Certain zones have timed stops. I don’t need to simulate the filling or zone stops in detail (thinking use simple processor step, or just a time delay) but mainly want to study the number of carts needed for different block scenarios.

Could this be done by batching in a que and then moving the que?

How about multi-processor with each zone for the cart as a step (but then I can’t visualize it?)?

Or can I program a flow item that carries smaller flow items as the cart?

Any ideas are appreciated!

Old 01-23-2016
Matt Long Matt Long is offline
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Sounds like a great project to use Process Flow with. If you haven't used it before, go through the Process Flow tutorials in the User Manual. I think you'll figure out how to do what you need to quite easily.

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