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Old 10-20-2015
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Default Socket Examples

Occasionally we get questions about how FlexSim might be used to communicate with other programs. One solution to that question is to utilize Windows sockets with some FlexScript commands that are built into FlexSim.

Here are two example models showing how you might use those FlexScript commands. One model (sockets_client.fsm) is an example on how you might use FlexSim as a client application with sockets and the other model (sockets_server.fsm) is an example on how you might use FlexSim as a server application with sockets.

Both models use Script windows and User Commands to execute the socket commands (socketinit, servercreatemain, clientconnect, clientsend, serverreceive, and so forth), but the commands can be used anywhere FlexScript is used. The User Commands also use parameters to identify the IP address/hostname and port number to set up and make the connection, so make sure they are using the correct values when trying to make a connection.

Both models can be used simultaneously by running two instances of FlexSim together where sockets_server.fsm receives string data from sockets_client.fsm and displays it in the 3D view. However, other socket applications can be used just as well. I've successfully used a program called Hercules SETUP utility from the HW group in testing both models as the application can act like a client or server.

I've tried to include a number of comments in all the Script windows and the four User Commands to help explain how to use all the socket commands. You'll also find an outline in the comments about what Script windows to run in the necessary order to get it all working.

Both models have been saved using FlexSim 7.5.4.

EDIT on Jan 1, 2016:
I made a mistake with the logic in the first upload of sockets_client.fsm where the socketinit() command was not called and this made it so the model would not connect to any server application using sockets. I have fixed that issue and reuploaded the new model. I also added some parameters to the connecttoserver() User Command in sockets_client.fsm and the startSocket() User Command in sockets_server.fsm that makes it easier to change the hostname and port number in the models. Those changes are also in the reuploaded models. Both models were still saved in FlexSim 7.5.4, but they should still work with FlexSim 7.7.
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