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Old 08-05-2015
Levente Csapo
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Default Dynamically update operator's capacity

Hi everyone,

I hope one of you can help me out with this issue:
I have multiple item types in their own queues waiting to be picked up. I would like to define a quantity to be picked up for each different type, so when the operator arrives he picks the correct amount of items, and delivers it to the destination before he would pick anything else. Imagine you have trolleys, trays, loose parts etc. in you model and you would like to always carry a fixed amount from each type. (Like only 1 trolley at the time, but 5 trays or 20 loose items at once)
If I have only one operator I was able to rewrite the "maxcontent" at a network node upon arrival.
setvarnum(node("Operator13", model()), "maxcontent", xyz)
Unfortunately I can't use that code if I have multiple operator through a dispatcher, because I have to give the freedom to operators to go to any "source" in the model.

Could any one of you give me some hints or ideas how to get over this issue? I have attached a really simple model to show the one operator scenario, and I would like to add more operators under the dispatcher.

My other idea was to increase the capacity for all the operators to let's say 100, and release the items in batches. My problem with that is than the operator walks along all the possible sources and picks everything until his capacity is full. If I would be able to understand the task sequence logic and code, I probably could force the operators to finish one request first before he continues with the next one, but I don't know where could I get a good tutorial/training for this.

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Old 08-05-2015
Levente Csapo
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Default Workaround (dirty)


I just found a workaround. I leave the capacity of the operators at 1, but I put a combiner after every pick-up queue. Add transparent plane as container item and add as many of the required items onto as I want. Than at the unload it goes into a separator to remove the plane into a sink and put the items into their designated destination.

I know there is a much more elegant way, but as I wrote above currently I have to live with what I have.

Still if you have any tips please let me know.

Old 08-05-2015
Jing Chen
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Hi Levi,

It is coincidence that I have consider about this issue recently. Now I modify your old model, and hope that helps.

4 modifications I have made.
1. Remove the code in OnArrival trigger of network;
2. Add a label to show different capacity of different items in OnEntry trigger of Queue;
3. Select "Same Itemtype" in BreakTo trigger of operators and Object queueing tasksequences is "inobject(current,1)"
4. Add a code in Onload trigger of operators to change the variables "maxcontent"
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File Type: fsm OperatorCapacityTest_Jing.fsm (40.8 KB, 316 views)
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Anna Lisa Dierking (08-06-2015)

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