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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 04-16-2015
Axel Kohonen
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Default Can you force quit/exit the debugger?


When you enter a breakpoint in a code block in Flexsim and then run the model it naturally stops there. But when you want to exit your say 65000 iterations for loop that goes through an Excel file then there does not seem to be a command in the debugger that jumps out of the loop, nor can I find a command that would stop debugging.

Removing the breakpoint and pressing continue sometimes works, but not always. When it does not work Flexsim freezes in some eternal loop or debug mode and the only thing that helps is quitting Flexsim and restarting it.

I am using Flexsim 7.5.2.

Any ideas on how to evade this or have I missed something?

Old 04-20-2015
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1) Create a new breakpoint after the loop
2) Remove the breakpoint inside the loop
3) Press the Continue button

If this doesn't work, then there must be some other issue - moving breakpoints shouldn't crash FlexSim. Does the code run fine without any breakpoints?

I'm guessing by the fact that you're stepping through the code that there must be some issue that you're looking for. Whatever problem you're looking for in the code may be at the heart of the instabilities you're dealing with.

We are happy to help in finding the problem. Feel free to send your model in for our technical support group to check out:

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Axel Kohonen (04-21-2015)
Old 04-21-2015
Axel Kohonen
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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your help! Your suggestion should do the job as long as there are no other problems in the code. I did not have other problems I think, but I did not find a way to exit the debugging if moving the breakpoint did not work. Might have been an eternal loop at the end of the 65.000 iterations I guess. I did not want to step all the way there to check it

In case of ending up in an eternal loop is there any command that ends it? I get Ctrl + Pause/Break to work for ending debugging when it has stopped at a breakpoint or is in the middle of debugging otherwise.

Thank you!

debugging, stop

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