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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 02-26-2008
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Default How to run tasks after stop time?


The codes below is what I've implemented in my Model StartUp Code Section. So, once I compile the model, the following codes will be executed. However, I've a major problem. Here are the codes:

================================================== =====
/*open EXCEL worksheet*/

/*reading necessary values from EXCEL*/
optimisation = excelreadnum(3,2);
no_of_counters_open = excelreadnum(5,2);

/*used only for optimisation*/

stop_time = 136;



================================================== =====
As you can see from the code in red, the model is set to stop at 136 units of simulation time. However, since the code in blue sets the simulation running time to be unlimited, I can't seem to run the additional codes after the final go(), as the model will go immediately to 136 and stopped.

What I've done is to create a User Event every 50 time units, and will have to pause the simulation just to check the time. Then the simulation just ran into infinite loops, hanging my workstation in the process.

Anyone has any suggestion or idea how do I get around this? Or have I implemented it wrongly?

Old 02-26-2008
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Is there a reason why you don't put your "ADDITIONAL CODE" before the go() command in your code? If you want code to be executed at different simulation times, then user defined events (userevents) or delayed messages (senddelayedmessage) are the way to go.

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