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Old 03-29-2015
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Default Modeling a path for staff group

Hi everyone,

Can I build up a path that is conditionally available for staff to use?

For example, in "Escorting Patient> Process" activity, I want a path to be closed when a transit staff carrying a patient. However, other transit staff without patients can still use this path.

In other words, the status of this path could be both "open"(for transit staff without patient) and "close"(for transit staff with patient) at the same time.

The attached file may be useful to illustrate this problem:

I want to close the path between NN5 and NN6 when the orderly carrying a patient.

I tried to close the path dynamically when patients arrive at NN10 & NN11 but seems not work well. The path can only be either "closed to all staff" or "opened to all staff".

Any comment is appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 04-23-2015
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Default Dynamic Path Selection


You were on the right track, but instead of trying to open and close paths, you can simply direct a traveler to take a specific path out of a node by using the OnArrival trigger of the node. If a valid edge (i.e. path) number is returned by the trigger, the traveler will be directed to travel out through that edge. I demonstrate this approach in the attached model using an OnArrival trigger at nodes NN1 and NN5.

The condition for the trigger will differ based on the particular modeling situation, so I give you several options to choose from for the condition. I plan on adding this pick list option I made to the list of OnArrival trigger options for the next release.

Keep in mind there may be situations depending on the path layout where you will need to use more than a single OnArrival trigger to get the traveler to take a particular route. The trigger will only get them to go as far as the next node and then shortest-distance takes over, so in some cases the traveler may turn right around and go back to the node they came from if it's still the shortest way to get to their destination.
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conditionally close path

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