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Old 02-25-2008
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Default max() is a deprecated function; use maxof() instead!

By accident I just found out that the 'max' function is working differently then I expected.
I don't know if the description in Flexsim 4.3 is new, but this is what the help file tells me:

Returns the maximum of value1 and value2. Note that in C++, this is defined with a macro, and depending on which value is greater, the value parameter may be evaluated twice. For example, it is improper to use the expression max(bernoulli(30, 5, 2), 3) because this may actually return a 2 since the bernoulli expression is evaluated once to determine which value is greater, and then evaluated a second time to return the value. Therefore, it could return 5 for the first evaluation, and then 2 for the second evaluation. This same functionality has been carried directly into flexscript in order to preserve compatibility with C++. The maxof() command can be used to ensure each value is evaluated only once.

The function 'maxof' is doing what I need, so I will use that function from now on.
I think this is useful to know for everyone!

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