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Old 12-19-2014
Mauro Rigoni
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Default Move active tasksequence

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas !

I've a problem that i cannot resolve.

i have an agv network ring with different Load and Unload points.
Taskexecuters move only if they have a Tasksequence to do (e.g. A flowitem arrive on a Queue linked to a ControlPoint and it has to be move and unload to another Queue, always on the network).

Taskexecuter 1 receive a Ts and travel to ControlPoint A, for example, in order to load an item. When it's travelling and it's not arrive a new flowitem entry on an other Queue (Control Point B) that is after the first one. This Task is assigned to the Taskexecuter 2 that is behind TE 1. In this moment i want to pass the second Ts to TE1 and the first Ts to TE2 in order to not to blocked the path to the TE2 when TE1 load from Control Point A.

This would be the dispatcher logic. Move an active tasksequence to the TE that is behind (if it is free) if a new item arrive on one of the next load point.

I've thought about set different preemption value for the queue but since the network is a ring, the position of a queue is relative to the position of a TE.

I hope the problem is clear.


Kind regards
Old 12-20-2014
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Hello Mauro,

you want exchange already begun tasksequences between two Taskexecuters on an AGV network. Right on this topic I can only guess because I haven't tested this. My first approach is to preempt_only the active tasksequence with a tasksequence which let the Taskexecuters do simply nothing for example delay a short time. Then the tasksequences would start again on the same taskexecuter. But you can connect each taskexecuter with an object connection to a dispatcher. The dispatcher should receive the preempted tasksequence and you can write a logic to send the tasksequence to the right taskexecuter.
This should work because a taskexecuter is also a dispatcher. When a taskexecuter gets an preempting tasksequence he checks if there is an object which can take the aborted tasksequence before he stores the sequence in his queue again.
A not recommended approach would be to exchange the not begun tasks of the two involved tasksequences. But this can be an mistake because the AGV-module works a little bit different then the standard tasksequnce. I don't know if it resolves the tasks in sequence or if the module skips for example the travel tasks. If it skips tasks this approach needs some modification because the move on the network may be already set independently to the control points which lay on the path.


Last edited by Jörg Vogel; 12-20-2014 at 09:08 AM. Reason: tested the preempting version- preempt_only works fine
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Carsten Seehafer (12-22-2014)

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