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Product Announcements New releases of the software

Old 07-17-2014
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Default FlexSim 7.3 Beta

FlexSim 7.3.0 Beta is available. You can download it from:

Please post any questions, comments, or bug reports in this thread.

Release Notes

--- FlexSim 7.3.0 (July, 2014) -----------------------------------
  • Added an autosave feature to global preferences.
  • Took shaders/shadows out of beta and added preferences for hard and soft shadows.
  • Improved support for stereoscopic 3D including shadow support.
  • Add a floor object.
  • Added alignment property to dashboard model input widgets.
  • Added a dashboard GUI class model input widget.
  • Added support for linking to groups in dashboard statistics widgets.
  • Added support for selecting multiple dashboard widgets.
  • Dashboard dynamic model input fields and edit fields can be tied to global variables.
  • Improved support for Full Screen mode including stereoscopic 3D (on some Nvidia Geforce cards) and multiple monitors (F11 to switch in and out of full screen).
  • Improved 3D mouse support.
  • Removed the Tools menu and added an organizable Toolbox.
  • Added Date Based mode to TimeTables.
  • Added optional stateprofile parameter to stopobject and resumeobject commands.
  • Added Stop Date & Time to the Experimenter.
  • Added flexscript commands for use with Stat::Fit.
  • Added search results to Command Helper window.
  • Added copy/paste functionality to Dashboard (Model Input Widgets only).
  • Updated the Automatic Data Distinction in the Excel Importer to more correctly import numbers.
  • Added sql query() support for LIKE, GROUP BY, and non-trivial expressions in the SELECT column clause.
  • Updated the Excel Import/Export to handle importing into bundles and exporting bundle data.
  • Fixed the Reports and Statistics available classes GUI.
  • Fixed an issue with adding/editing triggers in the dashboard causing FlexSim to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting multiple TrackedVariables statistics to CSV files.
  • Fixed an issue with aligning model input objects to the left/top of the dashboard.
  • Fixed Content vs Time graph not collecting data when defined for a time interval.
  • Fixed an issue with setting long object names/paths in bundles and dashboard statistic objects.
  • Fixed tabbing in Quick Properties causing FlexSim to crash.

*** Backwards Compatibility Note ***********************************************
*** the following changes may slightly change the way updated models behave ****
  • Expressions can now be used in select columns of an sql query. In order to do this we needed to change our sql grammar to be more compliant with standard SQL. This means you can no longer use the AS clause in a WHERE or ORDER BY statement. You can now only use AS in SELECT and FROM clauses.
  • Some parameter types for the query command have changed in c++ for more flexible type definitions. This means if you use the query() command in a c++ dll, you'll need to update your dll's headers and recompile the dll. If you use straight c++ compiled code or flexscript for your query() command, then this should just update.
  • Removed expertfit.

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