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Old 07-10-2014
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Default FlexTerm 2.0 Release

Hi All,

Moffatt & Nichol is glad to release FlexTerm 2.0 which is based on the new FlexSim 7.1 engine!

FlexTerm, as the successor of FlexSim CT, is specialized for simulating ports and container terminal operations.

If you are a current FlexTerm licensed user, you can download the installer from your account in FlexSim website and obtain your FlexTerm/FlexSim license code there. You will need FlexTerm2 license code to run this version. Please work with your distributor and Moffatt & Nichol to get the new license code. For FlexSim CT users or FlexTerm users without active FlexTerm maintenance, the trial version of the program is also available in your FlexSim account. The trial version will also be available throught FlexTerm website at

If you have feature requests, bug reports, or other feedback on the software,please email to [email protected],or post at FlexSim CT User Forum here. For an introduction of the software,please visit FlexTerm website at

Below is a list of FlexTerm 2.0 features since FlexTerm 1.0.

* Upgraded to FlexSim 7.1 engine to have features such as docked window, sampler, better code editor and debugger, supporting more 3D models, improved 3D rendering, improved FlexScript speed, additional FlexSim object library, better dashboard design, etc. Please refer to for a full list of FlexSim 7 features. There are also exciting free modules supported by this version such as AGV Module and A* Module.
* Supported 64 bit OS. This allows large models to use more than 4GB memory.
* Updated user manual.
* Provided back compatibility with FlexTerm 1.0 models and FlexTerm CT 3.3

* Added warm-up time support in Experimenter. Now FlexTerm related statistics will be reset at the warm-up time when running experimenter.
* Added FlexTerm custom performance measure quick generation in Experimenter.
* Added GateToYard custom action trigger. User has full control of gate truck stacking/unstacking processes.
* Added support of using CAD background drawing in Berth Planner
* Added support of rail planner to generate load only or discharge only trains
* Upgraded yard stack/unstack trigger. User has the flexibility to ignore default truck operations to customize the stacking/unstacking processes.
* Updated Rail planner to issue a warning if the defined train length is longer than the total track length, which will cause a dead lock.
* Various bug fixes, such as:
* Fixed gantry crane gross productivity and net productivity Excel and CSV export bug.
* Fixed issues of containers that are not restored properly related to using real digging.
* Fixed a container placement custom search bug
* Fixed a rail planner reset track date bug
* Fixed a rail planner container generation bug
* Fixed a planner custom code cannot be saved bug
* Fixed a yard move bug
* Fixed a Strad gang enter transfer area bug

* Updated API command manual.
* Added FlexTerm API command ctresetstats(). This will reset all statistics of all objects in the model.
* Added FlexTerm API command ctupdatestats(). This will update all statistics of all objects in the model.
* Completely refractored RMG sequence API commands to make them easier to understand and more intuitive to use.
* Fixed getshiprecordstat() user command bug.

* Updated GUI to FlexSim 7.0 standards
* Updated Yard Planner GUI to display block names, crosshair, and other information in Blocks and Areas tab.
* Added quick properties for commonly used attributes of container terminal objects
* Statistics window can be docked
* Fixed gantry crane 3d model issues when switching between different types of gantry cranes.
* Fixed SketchUp 3D model loading bug.
* Provided better and faster graphics, such as:
* Support shader rendering
* Improved different equipment types of container display in block
* Added container door in container texture
* Wheel block and rail block can display different equipment types of container
* New yard block and rail block texture
* Improved container texture
* Upgraded FlexTerm object draw code to mesh

Thank you very much!
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