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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 05-24-2013
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Default Non Passing for TEFlowitem


I would like to see TaskExcuterFlowItem line up on the network path if the destination is blocked.
I tried to use the "non-passing" option with "Do not travel offsets and block space on networks". I tried other combination of options, but this combination offers the behavior as close as I expected, but not quite as what I expected.
I attched a test model for your review. Basically,
  • TaskExcuterFlowItem travels from StartQ to EndQ.
  • EndQ has capacity 5.
  • I expect 6th TEFlowItem line up once the EndQ accumulated to its capacity 5. (I expect 5 TEFlowItems stacked in EndQ)
  • I expect the line-up forms from 6th TEFlowItem to all the way down to StartQ. (from NN6 - NN4 - NN1)
However, interestingly, EndQ would not accept any more than one TEFlowItem.
I tried to empty out the EndQ by connecting to available Sink just to see the queue brings in new TEFlowItem, but still it would not allow to move forward or line up.
Any advice would be appreciated much.
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File Type: fsm nonpassingtest.fsm (33.5 KB, 82 views)

non passing

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