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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 05-23-2012
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Default Array of Itemtypes - few problems

Hello, I'm a student working on some college logistics project. We just got introduced to flexsim few months ago and were sorting our problems on our own till now. We're having some kind of crisis in our project and simply can't manage with these problems. I would be very grateful if you could try to answer or atleast give some hints to the following problems.

We got few queues that are dynamically getting different itemtype objects. That means that when the 1st arrival is itemtype 1 it gets assigned to queue1, 2nd arrival with itemtype 2 gets assigned to queue2. At another "Run" we might get that itemtype2 assigned to queue1, and when we get the queue1 empty it can also get objects with different itemtype than the one before.

The problem is that we need to control Transporter to collect some amount of objects with array of few defined itemtypes and we have an important condition that may occur :

1. to stop the collecting of objects when we get enough amount of them -> we got it solved

2. to stop collecting when queues don't have enough amount of specified objects (because our condition is that we need to stop gathering objects with summary "lenght" (that is defined in label) when it would take more than 600 meters, but when summary lenght of our actual objects with itemtypes that we're looking for are lower than 600m, we STILL need to gather what we got and send it further) -> to stop collecting after getting few specified itemtype objects when the other ones that he could obtain to fulfill the condition aren't in queues yet.

3. We're looking for a way to end collection when there is not even a single item with itemtype that we specified in itemtype array function - and skip to another set of itemtypes in array function (rows in GlobalTable1)

4. We're aswell forced to change the array of itemtypes, change the itemtypes in the code after completing each collection of objects. We're wondering if it's possible to change the array of itemtypes and force our transporter to react after each change in pull requirements ? Becuase we know that it works when specific itemtype enters the queues that we're working with... the problem is that we need to make it work without getting new items with specific itemtypes.

This is our sample model. It will probably help you understand what we're trying to get. Since our explanation is probably not too clear
Later on we will raise the array, to 3 itemtypes that the transporter can use to collect one group till 600 meter lenght.
Sometimes the transporter takes few objects after the queue63 throws the group further, but we want to sort it out by using delaytime function.

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Old 06-05-2012
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Default confused

I am a little confused as to what you're trying to do. Looking at your Queue's pull requirement, are you wanting that tied into your global table? I'm guessing you want to grab each of the quantities of itemtypes as specified in your global table, but right now you are just pulling items of itemtype 1. I'm just not sure why you're creating an array?

As a couple of notes to your model, picklist options associated with triggers like OnExit of the source can make things more easily readable. For instance, I removed your code in the OnExit trigger and set a picklist option for Set Itemtype and Color (using a distribution of duniform(1,6,1)). This also colors my items making it easier to see which item the transporter is supposed to grab.

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