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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 12-17-2010
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Default Processor Blocked

If a processor cannot send the item downstream, then it will be blocked. how come then downstream object signals that processor to re-try sending?

I have seen there is an event called "EVENT_INPUTS" in "Event Log" if you tick engine; I am not sure how this event works and can be manipulated. how can I create such event manually (or with force!)

Because, I have an item at the end of a blocked processor that even doesn't give back the port that it wants to send to. I have checked and downstream is available (but might not have been available at the time).

And also, could anyone tell me the effect of having a different rank as input on this "EVENT_INPUTS". I mean it sends this signal first to the first rank and seeks item, and if there was nothing it goes to the second ranked input ...? (That's what I found out!)
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Old 12-17-2010
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as far as I can tell, the model does what I would expect it to do:
Since Processor5 can only process one flowitem at any given time, only one flowitem can create a transport as soon as processor5 becomes available again.
This flowitem is always taken from processor8 because that one is connected to inport 1 of the downstream processor 5. Yes you are right, as long as no pull logic is active, upstream objects will be checked for flowitems being available in the order of inports of the downstream object.

In your model, there is always a flowitem available on processor8 when processor5 becomes available, so there is no chance ever that a flowitem is passed from processor 3.

You could also delete the second operator, since the processor5 has a maximum capacity of 1, so you will never see two transports happening at the same time.

There of course are ways to create events on a deeper than the GUI level in Flexsim, but in general you should not need to use it.

Please explain what you want the model to do and we can see, how to do that the most easiest way without digging to deep into Flexsim's underlying structure.

Best wishes

Ralle aka Ralf
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blocked processor, event log, event_inputs

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