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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 11-02-2010
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Default Rail Model

Hi everyone. I would like to simulate a rail network inside an industrial site. So far I have only an educational license, making the use of RailAPI very difficult. So I try to develop my own model for the rail.

Behavior of the rail inside the industrial site (simplified):
- Drive the wagon to a defined Load/Unload Position (LU_P) for a load/unload operation
- Process of the Load/Unload operation (in my case it may last several days)
- Exit of the wagon from the industrial site

A first issue with the rail is that while the wagon is loaded/unloaded, the wagon blocks the tracks. When another wagon has to be driven to its Load/Unload Position, it must avoid the previous wagons to reach its destination. So the new wagon must find a path to its destination or wait until a path is available. How can I simulate it?

Here is my idea to model the Rail:
- Locomotive = TaskExecuter (TE)
- Load/Unload Position = Processor + attached NetworkNode
Processor to simulate the time of Load/Unload operation,
NetworkNode to simulate the track and the access to the LU_P (No access during L/U Operation)
- Tracks = NetworkNodes

Accessibility issue of LU_P: How is it possible to block the Network while a wagon is present?

If I use the function closenodeedge, the TaskExecuter will simply wait as long as the connection is orange even though another free path is available. (See Model_Rail_1) That is problematic as in reality the driver of the locomotive would simply select the free path.
I tried to change manually to connection to the red with "setnodenum(node("/type",currentConnection),1)" and to take advantage of the function "optimizenetwork()". Note that closenodeedge() had no effect for optimizenetwork() in the previous model.
Now, the TaskExecuter manages always to select the free path to reach a LU_P. The problem is that if a LU_P is unreachable during some time, the simulation stops if the TE tries to reach the LU_P (this is the case for LUP_7 in Model 2).
(Popup Message: A traveler's requested destination is not reachable from the network, Please recheck your connections and run the model again.)
Is it possible to avoid that the simulation stops and use a kind of trigger to assign a new tasksequence to the TE? Otherwise I guess I have to manually control the dispatching of tasksequences of the TE so that NO unreachable TaskSequence is dispatched.
Any solution to avoid simulation stop with popup message or any other idea to simulate RailNetwork inside a Factory are welcome…
Old 11-02-2010
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I also encountered this problem before. flexsim simulate rail system,which is difficult,.plant simulation is easy to simulate rail system,because this is track object in plant simulation .Hope developer can improve this field.

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