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Old 04-08-2010
Brent Merryman Brent Merryman is offline
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Default arrive was given a task sequence but is not a dispatcher

Can anyone tell me or give me a clue as to why I would be getting an error message arrive was give a task sequence but is not a dispatcher in HC flexsim
Old 04-08-2010
Todd Benanzer Todd Benanzer is offline
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Sometimes I'll get this error when my ports aren't configured the way I meant them to be. I'd start by checking the port connections...most likely an incorrectly assigned central port. Good luck.
Old 04-09-2010
Joris van Balkom Joris van Balkom is offline
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I think you have to look at to who you are giving an order too, because if you are giving the order to the wrong object you can get this error, also check if you connected the objects correctly. If you connected the objects wrong you get this fault

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Old 04-09-2010
Cliff King's Avatar
Cliff King Cliff King is offline
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Brent, it's unusual that you would get that error. Requests for resources as dispatched by an activity would be sent to objects you had chosen in a drop-down list of options provided by the Track Manager. The list of options would not have included anything other than valid resources and their group objects, so it would have been "impossible" to choose anything wrong. I'm curios what happened...

Or as others have pointed out, you might have made some erroneous connections between one of your resource group objects (which are actually "dispatchers" by the way) to objects in your model that are neither resources (i.e. staff, equipment, transports) or resource groups (i.e. StaffGroup, EquipmentGroup, TransportGroup, or AlternateGroup). To do this, you would have had to make the connections manually (e.g. A-click drag which is not taught in Flexsim HC, but is a known procedure by standard Flexsim users), because once again, if you had used the "Connections" tab on the resource/group object's Properties window, you would not have been given options to connect an invalid object.

If you can't find the problem, please send your model and I'd be happy to help you.


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