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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 03-25-2010
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Default Recorder function

I am a student of flexsim
I was just wondering how do I record the amount of time my queue quantity goes over a certain value. and then it stops as soon as the queue quantity goes below that value.

Thank you
Old 03-26-2010
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Default One Try Using Q label

There might be a better way, but here is one way I can try. It capture the time duration of over Q limit period. (The limit is not your Q maximum content. It should be less than the Q maximum content... I hope I understand your logic correctly, though)

In your queue,
OnEntry Trigger

if(content(current) >= gvQLimit && gvRecordStarted == 0){ //gvQLimit and gvRecordStarted are global variables or any reference you can make
gvRecordStarted = 1;
setlabelnum(current, "StartOverTime", time());

OnExit Trigger
double myTimeDurationOfOverTheLimit = 0;
if(content(current) <= gvQLimit && gvRecordStarted == 1){ // Use <= because OnExit still includes item for its content()
gvRecordStarted = 0;
myTimeDurationOfOverTheLimit = time() - getlabelnum(current, "StartOverTime");
pt("myTimeDurationOfOverTheLimit: ");pf(myTimeDurationOfOverTheLimit);pr();

queue capacity

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