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Flexsim Student Forum Forum for discussion for Flexsim Students using the Flexsim Textbook.

Old 01-20-2010
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Default A Few Misc. Notes while reading through the Book

As I go through the book here and I'll mention any issues that I run across. This isn't intended to ridicule anything, just some feedback.

1. On page 62, the Term SKU is used. Just remember that most people don't know what SKU stands for.

2. On page 62, Figure 2-3 is missing 0.7%

3. On page 67, Figure 2-8 says MBTF = 20.39 Is that supposed to be MTBF?

4. Our teacher, Dr. Greenwood had us do a Flow Diagram of Exercise 2-1 by hand or in powerpoint rather than in Flexsim. I asked the following questions to Dr. Greenwood. You don't need to answer these as the assignment as already passed.

4a. Is figure 2-3 significant to the diagram? It lists several products, should each product be mentioned in the diagram?

4b. Figure 2-3 mentions % of orders, does that need to be included?

4c. Figure 2-13 mentions conveyor section speeds, but I am unsure of which sections go to which process as the picture does not correspond to Figure 2-2's picture

4d. I'm unsure if I'm supposed to guess distributions from these figures, for example figure 2-4 neglecting a few blips looks like Exponential to me, while Figure 2-5 looks similar to Normal.

4e. I took figure 2-5's numbers, and got an average coil length of 6914.8 ft, and if Divided by 330 ft/minute gives 20.95 minutes on average for a cycle time, but I'm unsure if that means anything

4f. Page 66 for AWU says "The AWU has a 15 second cycle time for single packs and a 10 second cycle time for unit packs." What is a unit pack?

4g. Page 67 mentions several MBTF (Is that Mean Time Between Failures?) should I simply copy those numbers onto the diagram or should I amalgate them somehow?

4h. Plant operations mention 8 hour day with break times, am I supposed to just list the total minutes workable per day or something?

Edit: Apparently there is a macro group feedback form spoken by Dr. Greenwood. This forum feedback may be unnecessary

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Steven Hamoen (01-21-2010)
Old 01-20-2010
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Thanks for your input. We will correct issue that need correcting.
Old 08-19-2011
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Default UK

I am told we cannot get the book in the UK any reasons why?
Old 08-19-2011
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how to get the book in china

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