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Flexsim Student Forum Forum for discussion for Flexsim Students using the Flexsim Textbook.

Old 01-06-2010
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Smile Welcome from the Authors

Welcome Again !! Thanks for using Applying Simulation with Flexsim and joining this user forum. This forum is intended to be a place where users of the book can share thoughts and techniques as well as provide feedback to the authors and Flexsim.
Your educational version of the software is essentially a fully functional version with minimal restrictions. The size of the model that you can save is limited but that should only be an issue with the models in Chapter 3 which you shouldn’t be changing anyway. You can save your results by copying and pasting into excel or keeping track of results manually.
Applying Simulation is intended to be a "living" book as we know it will change over time. While a forum member you will be alerted to new updates and downloads as they become available. Since this is a new book, feedback is important.
To start off, please check the posting that carries the models that are needed for Chapter 3 in the book. There are also posts for media files that are used in subsequent chapters that are not part of the standard version of Flexsim, as well as library files that will be needed in other sections of the book.
I will be monitoring this forum as will other members of the Flexsim team. Also feel free to contact me via email.
Looking forward to working with you.
Mal Beaverstock [email protected]

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