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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

Old 09-18-2009
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Default Setting Takt Time

Hello Dears,

I have very important question for me. I have a problem because I don`t know how to set Takt Time on last station of my production process - shipment. I would like to do something like that: Customer comes to my shipment per every 50 seconds (Takt Time) and take one finally product from my shipment, if something is in my warehouse coustomer will take it and that information is noticed in Shipment Sheet, if nothing is in my warehouse coustomer will not take anything and of course that is noticed in Shipment Sheet too. I don`t have any idea how to do it. I would like to have report creating constantly.

I hope that You help me :-)

Thank You very much guys
Bartosz Misiurek
Old 09-18-2009
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There are several ways to model this task.

My first idea would be to use an User Event which gets repeated every 50s.
The warehouse’s output is closed and the shipments output is closed (e.g. OnReset).
At the User Event first check the warehouse. If there are items, open the output of the warehouse and write information into your shipment sheet.
If no items have been in the warehouse check the shipment and do the same as with the warehouse, beside if nothing is in the shipment also write into your shipment sheet.
At OnExit trigger of the warehouse and shipment you close the output again.

If not only one customer but more arrive, you need to use loops in the User Event and take care to control the outputs of shipment and warehouse in the right way. Only close again, if all items left at this turn.

If you like to have visualization for the customers, you could place e.g. an Operator or a Visual Tool with shape Person and switch the visualization on using the UserEvent and e.g. send a delayed message to show the object it for some time and switch if off if the message arrives.

I hope it is understandable what I mean and how to do it. Good success.
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