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Michal Stec
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Default The bottom line


I do not use Flexim. I simply tried it in the past, got an idea how it works and thought there are other tools out there for me. And Simio has a unique advantage for the tasks I need it for.

The bottom line for me and maybe for many other simulation software users is the duration of an average simulation project. Here it is about 10 man days. Think of a production process that is specific, not general. Say, a manufacturer has a few data tables, a rather complex process description and wants to generate results for many production scenarios. Then he wants to evaluate them, introduce changes and so on.

The Simio examples from your post show how these specific issues can be modeled. On the other hand you show predefined object functions in Flexim. The real processes are usually more specific than these in the templates. The question is how quickly you can expand these Flexim features to address the needed functionality. What about debugging?

Sure, 3D animation in Flexim looks good. But if the purpose of a simulaton project is getting results quickly then a fancy animation is not inline with it. 3D animation in Simio is simpler but good enough for the purpose.

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