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hendry teo
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Default Operator always loads and waits

Hi all

I have a simple question that I cant figure it out.
In the attached flexsim file, you will see that a batch of 10 items goes into queue2, which will then be processed one by one in the processor, downstream. Processor's capacity is 1. My problem is that, when the operator takes an item from queue2 and unloads it to the processor, it will stay near the processor and waits there. This is NOT what I want.

What I want is:
1. Operator loads one item from queue2 --> travel to processor --> unloads the item to processor
2. While the processor is processing, the operator will go back to queue2 and loads one item again in queue2 --> travel to processor --> waiting for the processor.

I want the operator always prepares one item on his hand and wait for the processor.

Please guide me. Thank you!!

Best regards
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