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Arrow SLI ?

I'm thinking about buying a Nvidia GeForce videocard for a PC.
I've been using laptops since FlexSim Version 1 (actually FlexSim Beta) with very good results but I would like to test something more powerful without the thermal limits the laptops impose, sometimes throttling the GPU (GPU is the Graphic Processing Unit or videocard) or the processor to prevent heat damage on the internal laptop components.
Well, I have three questions; hopefully someone could help me decide about what would be more convenient.

1) SLI?

A long time ago (maybe 6 years or more) I tested with Ben Wilson help FlexSim on SLI using 2 separate videocards working together in order to increase the performance. SLI works with games but we didn't find any advantage with FlexSim of having more than one videocard.
Have any of you recently tested FlexSim with 2 GPUs (SLI), or the 3 GPUs (3-Way SLI) or even 4 GPUs (Quad-SLI)? Have you seen any performance over a single videocard solution? Actually SLI can be found on some laptops.

2) Dual Solutions?

There is a GeForce GTX 690, but this is a dual solution with basically two GTX 680's on the same card. This is an internal SLI but I’m afraid that buying a 690 would end in FlexSim just using one 680 of the 2 this card has inside…
For games, of course the GTX 690 has a better performance than the 680 GTX. But I don’t game and all that matters to me is how it behaves in FlexSim. Does any of you have any clue about that?
Actually Coca-Cola Mexico has a GTX 690 for FlexSim, an according to them it runs huge FlexSim models perfectly fine, but I’m not sure if there are benefiting from the dual solutions of this card or somehow FlexSim is only using a single GPU inside.

3) Single Solution, the safe bet?

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 is the fastest single GPU so far, but according to some leaks tomorrow (February 19 2013), a new GeForce GTX Titan will be officially presented which will be the fastest single videocard, surpassing a GTX 680 by 35% on some leaked benchmarks.
Should I stick with a Single Solutions GPU for FlexSim?

Thanks, any comments would be highly apreciatted.
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