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Old 08-04-2012
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Default Save and Restore Tabs in Code Editor

Hi All,

I thought this might be a good feature for future FlexSim release. So I posted here.

The current Code Editor in FlexSim does not save all tabs. Once you close it. It is gone. I made the piece of code below to save the code tabs and then later you can restore it. Once you have a lot of code tabs, you will find it will be a little bit hard to find the tab that you want. Therefore, I also add a feature that you can choose to sort the tabs when you save it. I found this is very useful in our simulation model development.

You may put the code below into a customized toolbar or a user command. This should work for FlexSim 5 and 6.

Let me know if this helps you a little or you have any comments.

Enjoy FlexSim coding.

// This tool save or restore the code tabs in code editor
// You may put this into your Customize Toolbar under File|Global Preferences, or
// put this into a user command or customized toolbar
#define SAVE 1
#define RESTORE 0
#define CANCEL -1

int saveOrRestore = msg("Code Editor Restore", concat("Yes to save tabs.", strascii(13), 
		"No to restore tabs", strascii(13), "Cancel to do nothing"), 3);

treenode toolsNode = node("/Tools", model());
treenode editorNode = node("/CodeEditor", toolsNode);

// find the current active code editor view
treenode activeViews = node("/active", views());
treenode codeEditorView = NULL;
for(int i=1; i<= content(activeViews); i++) {
	if(stringsearch(getnodename(rank(activeViews, i)), "picklisteditwindows", 0)>=0)
		codeEditorView = rank(activeViews, i);

// Save or restore code tabs according to user's choice
	case SAVE:
			msg("Error", "Could not find Code Editor Window!");
			return 0;
			if(msg("Overwrite?", "Code tabs saved before. Overwrite?", 4))
				return 0;
		} else {
			editorNode = last(toolsNode);
			setnodename(editorNode, "CodeEditor");

		// save code tabs into an array
		treenode tabs = node("/tabcontrol", codeEditorView);
		int numTabs = content(tabs);
		stringarray codePaths = makearray(numTabs);
		for(int i=1;i<=numTabs;i++)
			treenode tab = rank(tabs, i);
			treenode obj = node(">objectfocus", tab);
			string path = nodetopath(tonode(get(obj)), 1);
			codePaths[i] = path;
		if(msg("Sort?", "Do you want to sort code tabs before save?", 4))
			// sort code tabs
			for(int i=1;i<=numTabs-1;i++)
				int m = i;
				for(int j=i+1;j<=numTabs;j++)
					if(stringcompare(codePaths[m], codePaths[j])>0)
						m = j;
					string tmp = codePaths[i];
					codePaths[i] = codePaths[m];
					codePaths[m] = tmp;
		// save code tabs into model/Tools
		for(int i=1;i<=numTabs;i++)
			nodeadddata(last(editorNode), DATATYPE_STRING);
			setnodestr(last(editorNode), codePaths[i]);
	case RESTORE:
			msg("Error", "Could not find saved code tabs!");
			return 0;
		for(int i=1; i<=content(editorNode);i++) {
			string path = getnodestr(rank(editorNode, i));
			createview("VIEW:/standardviews/picklistedit", path, "");
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Old 08-04-2012
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Thank you! This is a cool functionality!
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