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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

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Old 02-22-2011
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Default Global variable & task sequence

I tried to learn how to use global variable and global task sequence by looking at the user manual, but the examples there are not enough to know the details of them.
Also, I want to see how they work through the simulation, not just by written explanation.
Is there anyone who can upload the very simple file that explains how global variable & global task sequence work?

The things that I want to know from the simulation file is like below.
1. Which case we need to use the global variable?
2. Which case we need to use the global task sequence?
3. How does this global variable work?
4. How does this global task sequence work?
5. How is this global variable different from just variable?
6. How is this global task sequence different from just task sequence?

I will indeed appreciate it.
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Old 03-02-2011
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I don't use Global Task Sequences. It is much easier for me to write them in code and I rarely have task sequences that are exactly the same on different objects. That being said, I would recommend them for people who find it easier to use the GUI interface for creating task sequences. If you have a task sequence that is found on many different objects in your model and prefer code like myself, then I would put the task sequence in a user command before I would use the GUI to create a global task sequence. I don't want to suggest that they are bad, just that they are not for me.

As for global variables the main difference between them and a standard variable is that a standard variable goes out of scope when the trigger it was defined in ends. This means that the standard variable is gone from memory and can no longer be referenced by another object and the value that was stored in it is gone and can not be recovered. Global variables don't ever go out of scope and therefore can be referenced by any object and the value stored in the variable will remain there for all to see. So, the only reason to use a global variable is if you want to have a variable that will remain in scope for the duration of the model run and/or be accessible for more than one object/trigger.

Hope this helps,
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