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Q&A Using Flexsim and building models

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Old 03-13-2009
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Default I would like the pick up from the rack in function of a variable demand rate...

I’ ve got a problem. I would like the pick up from the rack in function of a variable demand rate. I thought to add a userevent :
int k=duniform(1,400);
if (k<50)
openinput (Queue7);
treenode rel_queue = node("/Rack2",model());
int count_content = content(rel_queue);
//for (int item_count = 1; item_count <= count_content;

But I’m not able to reach what i need.
I wuold like the trasporter to take out the items from the rack object and join
them the queue 7 object until it reaches a certain level .
The trasporter stops then.
The queue is emptying out in function of the demand and when it gets a certain level an order is started.
At this moment the trasporter starts to pick up from the rack to inform the queue in queue7 object.
What can I do? Have you got any alternative ideas?
I enclose the model

thank you
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Old 03-13-2009
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To be honest, I have problems to understand what are you going to do and what are you trying to model.
I sugesst that you first describe in general what is the assignment or how the system works you like to model. It might be a good idea to describe the layout. Secondly describe how you are going to model it and what you are already tried. Thirdly attach asmall model that shows your problem and maybe what you already tried.

Maybe in your eyes you did the above, but like said, I have problems to understand what is the general issue. You posted some code and a little description, but sometimes this already lead to a wrong direction. Maybe a totally different modeling concept should be used to solve the assignment.
And it would be helpful to give your objects speakable names.

What I understand is that you want a “batch” of products flow through the system. This batch of products arrives in a rack. A transporter collects the batch of products and transports them to a queue. If all products are in the queue the whole batch is given to the downstream object.

My general idea would be to use a “virtual” rack (only the batch items are in the rack and released), so the transporter only collect these items. I would store the information how many items are in the batch in a label. This label I would use to control the queue (input /output of the queue in OnEntry, OnMessage and OnExit).
Another way could be to use a standard rack, where no items are released. Generate a tasksequence for the transporter to pick the batch items and bring them to the Queue.
The advantage of the first way is that you can use standard tasksequences. To understand how a virtual rack is working are two examples in the download section.

I hope I was able to give you some hints and help even if I am not sure if I understood what you are going to do.
tom the (A)tom: "We have solved our problems ... now we have to fight the solutions."
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