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Downloads [Download X_Airport Security]
File Name: X_Airport Security (1.29 MB) Download
Author: Jeff Nordgren (Uploaded by Cliff King)
Date Added: 08-23-2007
Downloads: 6386
Grade: Not Rated

This model evaluates passenger waiting times through an airport security checkpoint. Passengers and baggage are screened. A certain percentage of passengers must go through additional screening at hand wanding stations. A certain percentage of baggage must go through an additional sniff test.

From a technical standpoint, this model is a good example of how to use taskexecuter flowitems that can travel a network like a taskexecuter but be processed like a flowitem. There are some tricks to having the people walk towards the end of the line of people in a queue and then move into the queue object with the rest of the people.

This is a Flexsim v4.32 model with all media contained within the same directory as the model; and can therefore, be saved to any directory on your computer.
X_Airport Security by Ben Wilson on 10-14-2008
Downloads [Download X_Airport Security]

ann wannisa
09-28-2012 at 12:10 PM

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