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Downloads [Download Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD]
File Name: Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD (39.8 KB) Download
Author: Tom David (Uploaded by Tom David)
Date Added: 08-17-2009
Downloads: 2210
Grade: Not Rated

This is an example for a BasicConveyor model. This model is baseed on the model Sample_BasicConveyorCutting_TD.

An item enters the system and is getting conveyed.
One issue was how to convey the item over the edge which is done by switching x and y size and using yoffset on the conveyor.
The second issue was how to cut the item info half. This is done by changing the size of the item, make a copy of this item and put them in the right position on the conveyor.

A basic conveyor is used, because with the standard conveyor in Flexsim it is not easy possible to set the location of items on the conveyor. There also might be some issues with the events if items are moved into the conveyor.

The conveyors have a label "OutputConsole". If this is set to one some information getting printed out to the output console.

Modification to the model Sample_BasicConveyorCutting_TD (base for this model):

By pressing the button Change Direction Conveyor Blue when one or two items are on the blue conveyor the blue BasicConveyor will convey reverse (backwards) and hand the items over to BasicConveyorReverse using a BasicConveyor underneath.

On the BasicConveyorReverse the items will stop at a specific point (Operator is only a dummy), getting processed (label ProcessTime) and will get conveyed to the end afterwards.
In the moment only two items arrive in the system.

Do not delete or rename the object Logo_FlexsimD, because otherwise the model will not work correctly. Also do not rename, delete or rerank other objects.


Tom David
tom the (A)tom

Flexsim Version: v5.02
Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD by Tom David on 08-17-2009
Downloads [Download Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD]


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