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Category Description Files
Processors 3D shapes of Processors 30
Transporters 3D shapes for Transporters 0
Operators 3D shapes for Operators 10

Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Grantry Crane : This is a regular crane with a 3d shape of an RTG. (411.7 KB) 05-24-2012 3282 1
Downloads  Sky Box : Here is a skybox wrl and several textures that can be used with it. To use it: Drag a Visual Tool into your model. In its Properties, select "Imported Shape" for the Display. Select the skybox.wrl. On the General tab, browse to one of the bitmaps for the 3D Texture. Resize it so that it is very large. On the Display tab, select No Select if you don't want to be able to click it in the view. (6.27 MB) 03-26-2009 3410 0

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