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Downloads [Download Sample_BasicConveyor]
File Name: Sample_BasicConveyor (38.9 KB) Download
Author: Anthony Johnson)
Date Added: 02-03-2009
Downloads: 2523
Grade: Not Rated
An example of using a BasicConveyor to implement a "pick window" in which to pick an item off a conveyor.

Basically, it releases the item at a certain decision point and then at the next decision point, it holds the item if it hasn't requested a transport yet.

That way the transport can only pull items off in a certain window.

The decision points are representative not of the entire window, but of the window at which the transport begins to go get the item.

The quirks with the model are that it will only work if sending to an object that will only receive one item at a time (such as another conveyor or a queue or processor with content of 1), and the visualization. The transport travels to the location where he was requested originally rather than where the flowitem actually is when the transport arrives. It would require more complicated logic to get the visualization to look correct.

This is a great example of a starting point in how to use the BasicConveyor. It shows what functions to call to receive and release items and get them conveying. The BasicConveyor object gives you great flexibility in controlling conveyor behavior.
Anthony Johnson on 02-03-2009
Downloads [Download Sample_BasicConveyor]


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