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Downloads  Sample_FreeOperatorDuringFixedResourceBreakdown_TD : Sample_FreeOperatorDuringFixedResourceBreakdown_TD Task: A combiner is set up to breakdown per the MTBF/MTTR feature and an operator is on a schedule (TimeTable). The issue is the operator is sometimes "utilized" when the combiner is in the "breakdown" state. The issue only seems to occur when the combiner goes down while an operator is being used. I simply want the operator to be free when the combiner goes into the "breakdown" state and perform other tasks. Solution: The standard functionality in the breakdown does not free the operator. Using the Down in the MTBF/MTTR will free the Operator. This solves the issue that if the ... [more] (55.4 KB) 07-28-2010 2519 0
Downloads  Sample_ModifyNetworkDuringSimulation_TD : This model is a small example how to change the network for a taskexecuter during the simulation run. The first item gets released in the Source. To release the next item press the Release Item Button on the Control GUI. Release Item = Releases an item from the Source (Message send to Source). Init Network = Init the Network to 4 network nodes (User Command). Add NetNode = Adds Network Node NN5 and makes the connections (User Command). The idea is to give the taskexecuter the first tasksequence and if he is traveling to the NN2, press the AddNetNode to add an additional Network Node. The tricky bit is to know, which commands a ... [more] (33.5 KB) 07-05-2010 2090 1
Downloads  Sample_Drawsurrogate_TD : Sample_Drawsurrogate_TD This model is a small example how to use the drawsurrogate functionality in combination with kinematics functionality in Flexsim. Two objects are put into the Processor in the added drawsurrogate node. The FlexsimDBox will change the color during the process. The FlexsimDCylinder will move and rotate during the process. The code can be found on the Processor in the triggers (OnReset, OnMessage, OnEntry, OnProcessFinish and OnCustomDrawCode). One of the reasons for using drawsurrogate is that an object can have movable subcomponents, but the user interface with it as one object, i.e. when clicked on it i ... [more] (25.9 KB) 07-01-2010 2092 0
Downloads  Sample_Kinematics_TD : Sample_Kinematics_TD A small example on how to use kinematics. Code is on the VisualTools in OnReset, OnMessage and CustomDrawCode. Attention: Do not delete or rename the object Logo_FlexsimD, because otherwise the model will not work correctly. Also do not rename, delete or rerank other objects. Path: \userprojects\SampleModels\ Files: Sample_Kinematics_TD.fsm   Tom David aka tom the (A)tom Flexsim Version: v5.04 (26.8 KB) 07-01-2010 2086 0
Downloads  Sample_TwoOperatorProcessWithoutReserveOnlyOneOper : Sample_TwoOperatorProcessWithoutReserveOnlyOneOperator_TD Task: 2 operators are required to do a process, but not start the process until two operators are free. It is important to not seize one operator then wait for the other. Both have to be in a state of idle to begin the process, and if they are never both idle at the same time then the process won't get done. Solution: Control the output of the Queue of the Processor (ProcessorA). OnMessage check the situation and if two Operators are available the item can leave to the Processor. The delayed message is send at OnEntry of the Queue and OnRessourceAvailable of each Operator ... [more] (69.4 KB) 06-24-2010 2013 0
Downloads  Sample_OneProcessorModelsMultipleProcessorsOperato : Sample_OneProcessorModelsMultipleProcessorsOperators_TD This model is an example how to model multiple processors and multiple operators only using one processor. The number of processors is the label TotalNumberOfProcessors of the processor, which sets the max content of the processor. The number of operators is the label TotalNumberOfOperators on the processor, which is used to control the input of the processor. All the code is on the processor. In the trigger OnEntry and OnProcessFinish the labels get updated and the input gets controlled. The OnCustomDrawCode shows some information and calculate them. Because it might not b ... [more] (37.3 KB) 06-22-2010 2006 0
Downloads  TE FlowItem as Transport for other FlowItems : This model demonstrates how to use Task Executer(TE) FlowItems to transport other flowitems in the model. In the model you will notice that there is an Operator Source that is connected directly to the Sink. There are four network nodes in the model, each one is connected to a dfferent object. The TE FlowItems naturally would flow from the Source to the Sink via the NN1 to NN4 route. On Reset and every 186 seconds 8 flowitems are created by the Item Source and placed in the Rack. The flow in the Rack is set to not release the items and the Use Transport code is custom code that simply returns zero. There is some code in the messa ... [more] (41.3 KB) 08-21-2009 2225 0
Downloads  Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD : Sample_BasicConveyorReverse_TD This is an example for a BasicConveyor model. This model is baseed on the model Sample_BasicConveyorCutting_TD. An item enters the system and is getting conveyed. One issue was how to convey the item over the edge which is done by switching x and y size and using yoffset on the conveyor. The second issue was how to cut the item info half. This is done by changing the size of the item, make a copy of this item and put them in the right position on the conveyor. A basic conveyor is used, because with the standard conveyor in Flexsim it is not easy possible to set the location of items on the convey ... [more] (39.8 KB) 08-17-2009 2209 0
Downloads  Sample_SankeyDiagram_TD : Sample_SankeyDiagram_TD Small example of a sankey diagram model. First the line between two Network Nodes get bigger and later the color changes. The whole code can be found on the Network Nodes (NN1 to NN4, where NN5 is a normal Network Node). Attention: Do not delete or rename the object Logo_FlexsimD, because otherwise the model will not work correctly. Also do not rename, delete or rerank other objects. Path: \userprojects\SampleModels\ Files: Sample_SankeyDiagram_TD.fsm   Tom David aka tom the (A)tom Flexsim Version: v5.02 There are differnent posts about Sankey Diagram with some more example models, e.g. ... [more] (38.7 KB) 07-29-2009 2187 0
Downloads  Sample_MilkrunKanbanSystem_TD : Sample_MilkrunKanbanSystem_TD.fsm This is an example on how to model a kanban system with a milk train system. There are four different item types in stock and if they reach a limit new items getting ordered and produced. Via a milk train these items getting transported into the stock. The items are on pallets and one of the questions to answer is how many pallets are in the system. Other questions are how often the milk train should run. The main idea for the milk train is that all pallets for a run are collected in one queue. In this queue the pallets are sorted by item type, which is the order of the stations for the milk t ... [more] (77.4 KB) 05-20-2009 2885 0
Downloads  Sample_ConveyorTrackSwitch_TD : Sample_ConveyorTrackSwitch_TD This model is a small example for a conveyor system with tracks and how to let items on conveyors travel to the edges. In general the item location calculation is done by the conveyor object and can not easily be manipulated. In this model the y-offset is used to manipulate this. So it is only for visualization. The item is always in the middle of the conveyor, but the shape position has changed. The code is in the OnExit trigger and CustomDrawCode. Attention: Do not delete or rename the object Logo_FlexsimD, because otherwise the model will not work correctly. Also do not rename, delete or rerank ... [more] (30.8 KB) 05-05-2009 2238 0
Downloads  Simple ER model : The ER simulation model represents a situation of an emergency room where patients arrive, are treated and then leave the facility. The model is built over the actual layout of the ER and the objective was to study the impact over the ER boxes of adding on observation room to increase the capacity of the ER. (4.71 MB) 04-22-2009 2412 1
Downloads  Sample_FTSContainerTankFilling_TD : Sample_FTSContainerTankFilling_TD Model of an AGV transportation system where container gets filled from tanks. The AGVs transport the container (flowitem) and follows the material flow defined the a global table DataTable. This data can modified in the global table or in the Model Control GUI. The stations are the tanks (1,2,3,5,6 and 7), the transfer point (4), which is a queue ,from the first to the second AGV and the Source (8). The filling speed and amount to collect from a tank is also defined in the global table. The tanks and the container on the AGV have a level indicator to show the current amount. The nice thing about ... [more] (50.0 KB) 04-09-2009 2333 0
Downloads  Sample_SupplyChainManagement_RG : This is an example for a Supply Chain Management Simulation model. Like most SCM models the items are used to have events which update information. The stock e.g. is a label (information) and will be updated through different events. The model shows how many tags are in the system and where they are in the system. They are in different stocks, getting produced or transported. The model is used to examine how many tags are needed in this system and shows when there are not enough tags in the chain. In the Global Table Parameters are all the parameters for the model, e.g. Release Time, Transport Time, etc. One time unit in the sim ... [more] (113.1 KB) 03-26-2009 2856 2
Downloads  Sample_BasicConveyor : An example of using a BasicConveyor to implement a "pick window" in which to pick an item off a conveyor. Basically, it releases the item at a certain decision point and then at the next decision point, it holds the item if it hasn't requested a transport yet. That way the transport can only pull items off in a certain window. The decision points are representative not of the entire window, but of the window at which the transport begins to go get the item. The quirks with the model are that it will only work if sending to an object that will only receive one item at a time (such as another conveyor or a queue or processor with ... [more] (38.9 KB) 02-03-2009 2523 0
Downloads  Sample_VirtualRacks_TD : This model is an example how to build a virtual storage with a number of racks. A virtual storage/rack has no items/pallets in it just the information/data for the items are stored. If in a rack cell is some content an orange cube is drawn to visualize that there is content but there is no item. If an item is needed for transport (take items out of the rack) the item is created and a tasksequence for the transporter. In this example the data for the racks are not stored in Global Tables but directly in the tree (node /Tools/VirtualRacksData) like a Global Table. The difference is that the tree can hold multiple data for one cell w ... [more] (79.9 KB) 01-05-2009 2295 0
Downloads  Sample_AsciiFileReadWrite_TD : Model that shows how to read from a file and how to write and append to a file. There are User Commands defined for the read and write action. These User Commands are called in the UserEventInit by on reset. The output console opens and shows what is read from one file and written to the other file. The default files are Sample_AsciiFileRead_TD.TXT and Sample_AsciiFileWrite_TD.TXT. The read data are stored in the first Global Table (GT_AsciiRead). Attention: Do not delete or rename the object Logo_FlexsimD, because otherwise the model will not work correctly. Also do not rename, delete or rerank other objects. Path: \u ... [more] (43.5 KB) 12-17-2008 2083 0
Downloads  Sample_PickPlaceOperatorsTravelThroughNetwork_TD : Sample_PickPlaceOperatorsTravelThroughNetworkAndPickPlaceSpecificItems_TD Sample Example for Operators which travel through a network, pick or place specific items. Pick-Items arrive in the SourcePick and put randomly into the queues (QueueOut). There an order is generated to pick this items. An Operator travels through the network and checks, if there are items he has to pick depending on his order list. After he checked at all modules he unloads all the items at the Sink. Place-Items arrive at the Source Place and put into the QueuePlace. An Operator gets these items and places them in the queue (QueueIn) in the related Modules. ... [more] (77.7 KB) 12-15-2008 2357 0
Downloads  Sample_GlobalTableArrivalSchedule_TD : This model is an example how to control a Source depending on a Global Table. The Global Table (ArrivalSchedule) holds the information for Arrival Time, ItemName, ItemType, Quantity and ItemSize. Depending on this information a number of items (Quantity) arrive at the ArrivalTime in the system, ItemType, Name and Size are set. The main code is on the Source in OnReset, OnMessage and OnExit. The Source also has two labels. One remark about the Arrival Time is that as shown in the Output Console the Arrival Time is not exactly e.g. 5.0000 for the first three arriving items but 5.0000, 5.0001, 5.0002. The reason is to prevent str ... [more] (33.3 KB) 12-03-2008 2422 0
Downloads  Sample_Manipulation_of_arrival_schedule_MB : This model shows the manipulation of the arrival schedule of the source 'Source1', which originally only has 4 entries. When pressing the 'Reset' button, the rows with entries of an appropriate Excel table are read into the arrival schedule, so the arrival schedule gets adjusted according to the entries in the Excel table. There's no limitation of these entries. See also description in the GUI. (31.5 KB) 12-03-2008 2495 0

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