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Downloads  Berth Road : Attached is an example model using the Berth Road feature. The crane automatically disconnects and reconnects to the berth road when it moves along the berth to work on a ship. CT 3.3.0 has a slight bug with the berth road network nodes' reset values. After creating a berth road, if you execute the script in this model, then it fixes the problem. Also, this model shows a modified Gang Pooling Algorithm that send the trucks back to their home network node when they have nothing to do. (109.2 KB) 04-30-2012 2144 0
Downloads  Strad Example CT 3.3 : This is an example model showing Straddle Carriers. The yard shows two ways of doing block container placement while using strads: one way with a single block for multiple lanes (using custom container placement code) and a second way with an individual block for each lane. The gate has customtransaction code on the GateToYard and custom truck waiting area rack objects to show how you can stage drop-offs and pick-ups from the gate. The custom code is in two user commands in the model. The rail uses a transfer area to show how you can do staged discharges and loads from trains with strads. The RailPlanner has a customized ... [more] (198.9 KB) 04-19-2012 2143 0
Downloads  CT3 Contecar Container Terminal Model : Contecar Container Terminal Model. Location: Cartagena, Colombia (Caribbean Basin). Capacity: 2'500.000 TEUs. Gear: 14 STS quay cranes, 66 RTG yard cranes. You must have Flexsim CT 3.0.2 to run this model. (3.49 MB) 09-13-2011 3108 0
Downloads  CT3 Rail Sample Model : Attached is a sample model that shows the implementation of the Rail Planner in Flexsim CT 3.0. (NOTE: In CT 3.3, the RailPlanner has a graphical user interface and a tutorial in the CT Manual so this sample is obsolete.) This model was quickly updated from an old version of CT so some things might not work perfectly. For instance, the model throws exceptions if you run it long enough for all the tracks to get filled. Building a rail interface using in a version of CT before 3.3 requires (1) entering data in the excel tables, (2) importing those tables, and then (3) customizing the Rail Planner in the tree view. (430.0 KB) 01-12-2011 2598 0
Downloads  CT3 Sample Models : This zip folder contains a model saved at dive different points during the model building process. The models demonstrate various CT features such as the background, berth, gang, gate, areas, and wheeled blocks. (4.23 MB) 01-12-2011 4072 2
Downloads  Custom Code Container Placement - Random Wheeled : This is a simple sample CT 2.0 model that shows an example of using a Custom Search in the Yard Planner's Container Placement strategies. There is a "RandomWheeledBlock" custom search strategy that is used with the wheeled blocks area to choose a random block to put the container. The code loops through each block in the area with the assumption that every block in the area is a wheeled block. There is also a "RandomBlock" weighted search that is used with the yard blocks area to choose a random block to put containers there. In this model, imports are discharged from ships, stored in the yard blocks, and then leave through the ... [more] (265.1 KB) 10-15-2009 2703 0
Downloads  Port of Cartigenia Simulation Benefits.PDF :  (1.88 MB) 12-11-2008 2756 0
Downloads  Contecar Container Terminal Model : Contecar Container Terminal Model. Location: Cartagena, Colombia (Caribbean Basin). Capacity: 2'500.000 TEUs. Gear: 14 STS quay cranes, 66 RTG yard cranes. Instructions: - You must have Flexsim CT installed to run this model. (4.63 MB) 04-01-2008 5886 2
Downloads  Container_Terminal_Simulation.pdf : A short slide presentation on the features and merits of the Flexsim CT library for container terminal simulation. (1.88 MB) 08-04-2007 9899 1

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