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if you tell me what do want to do by Simulation,perhaps i can tell you more.
Extendsim control logic is more difficult,You can only control logic by changing the port parameters set, , if not the port, you can't control.
flexsim,the flexsim tree is a advantages. by tree you can control logic and
variables everywhere,the flexsim trriger is very useful,Flexsim 3d more powerful,Visual effect is better,is very useful for debugging model.and flexsim can control message (by sengmessage or senddelayedmessage)but extendsim. in extendsim there are also have messages ,But it is obsure,Flexsim have very strong expansibility but extendsim Unless you can develop ,there are a lot advantages in flexsim,so I started to learn flexsim.
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