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Jing Chen
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Talking Find a method!

Many thanks to advice of Arun KR and Jörg.
I try to combine the advantage of two methods, and it works well!
Now I share with everyone.

treenode conveyor = node("Conveyor1", model());
treenode dp = node("DP1", model());
double distance = 9;
double x = distance - 0.5*xsize(dp);
double y = 0.5*ysize(dp);
double z = x/getvarnum(conveyor, "length")*getvarnum(conveyor, "rise")+0.01;

double model_x = vectorprojectx(conveyor,x,y,z,model());
double model_y = vectorprojecty(conveyor,x,y,z,model());
double model_z = vectorprojectz(conveyor,x,y,z,model());


Node "dp" is the reference of the decision point want to edit, node "conveyor" is where the dp on, the value distance is the set distance from the entry point.
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