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Paul Wiedeking
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Default Preempting TS for TE on network with TrafficControl

Hi everybody

I want to model a warehouse system with AGVs switching
different levels via elevator. The warehouse is represented with
network nodes (all levels are connected via a vertical path where I
put the lift). To make AGVs switch levels I use coordinated
task sequences to load/unload them onto the elevator. However,
the network nodes in front of the elevator are connected to a traffic
control. The current traveltask of a TE is preempted (by the coordinated TE)
if the TE arrives at the elevator entry network node.

But this preemptation causes some troubles with the logic of the traffic control.
I also read about this in the help of the traffic control but I didn't find a way
to do it right yet. Any suggestens?

Or is it even better to use a different approach than preempting with coordinated TS
to achieve level switching via elevator?

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