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I will answer this question here, because I get it also quite often as a support questions. But to be honest, it shows me that the people did not join a training class ( I always explain this in my training class before I explain tasksequences) or did not understand the concept of taskexecuter in Flexsim. Sorry, if this sounds very impolite now.

Anyway, the main thing to keep in mind with taskexecuter in Flexsim in my eyes is that they are a kind of help resources (not sure if this is a good English phrase). The main material flow goes through the resources (Queue, Processors, etc.). The taskexecuter (Operator, Transporter, Crane, Robot, etc.) are just resources to do the transport. Therefore the resources are (normally) connected with input and output ports and the taskexecuter with central ports.

If the downstream object is not ready to receive an item, the tasksequence for the transporter will not be generated, because the item is not ready to leave.

In my eyes, if you want the transporter to bring the next item to the processor, then in the real world also must be space for this item. So I would guess that just another Queue (additional) need to place closed to the Processor with the capacity it has in the real world, which I would guess will be in the most cases capacity 1.

Another scenario which is found very often is that the transporter will travel back to the feeding Queue. This can be easily done with a pick option (Travel to an Object Destination) in the OnUnload Trigger of the taskexecuter.
In many cases I get the questions, why is this not Flexsim Standard, that the taskexecuter travels back to the Queue. Easy answer: If you have two feeding Queues, to which he should travel back? How can this be standard?

Then normally the following question for the following scenario will be asked. What if the Operator travels back, takes the next item and travels to the processor again and waits until the Processor is empty?
This in my eyes can be done with tasksequences. But you need to be careful to do this, because you need to check if the next item has already arrived to generate the tasksequence. Another way could be to generate the transport tasksequence if an item arrives. I see different possibilities to solve this task.
But in my eyes the additional Queue close to the Processor is the way to go and you could control this Queue or the taskexecuter a bit and you can build various scenarios with or without generating own tasksequences, I guess.
But in my experience just the additional Queue seems to be a good solution.

Shanon, good thinking:
I couldnt find in the manual, but I guess theres a rule that a Fixed Resource doesnt dispatch a standard load/travel task sequence until the downstream port is open?
You were on the right track.

I hope everything is much clearer now and I hope that people who discover this issue will find this thread.
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