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Cindy Azuero
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Default Wish List

Hi Phil,

My feedback is more like a wish list

>To be possible to open more that one view of the process flow at the
same as you can do it with the 3D view.
>To be possible to search for activities or information from the
activities from the process flow.
>When using the Event Log and when you want to filter for example a
event or an object, it would be great that you could have a searcher
that recognize related things asociated with what you write, so you do not have to search the object manually.
> To be possible to use the video recorder on the processFlow.
> To be possible to use FlexSim variables in some queries of SQL as the following.

query("SELECT COUNT(Quantity) AS howMany FROM $1 WHERE Time>21600 AND Time<79200",Table1);
int howMany1= getqueryvalue(1,"howMany");

the wish is that you could do something like this:

int time1= 21600;
int time2= 79200;

query("SELECT COUNT(Quantity) AS howMany FROM $1 WHERE Time>time1 AND Time
int howMany1= getqueryvalue(1,"howMany");

> A kind of edit selected objects mode for process flow in which you can change multiple objects at the same time.

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