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Lou Keller 08-05-2013 06:13 PM

Healthcare Simulation Bibliography
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This is an up to date compilation of recent non-proceedings articles divided into three primary parts. The first part includes 70 references replete with article names, dates, authors, synopses and findings, all of which deal with the use of discrete event simulation to solve unique healthcare problems. The second part is a collection of 10 research papers which deal with the solutions to unique healthcare problems that, although not solved using discrete event simulation, should be of specific interest to every healthcare simulation modeler. The third section is a short listing of articles that I've read over the years that contain unique information concerning the behavior of various components of the healthcare process. Of those listed, I strongly suggest the reader find, read and place in their personal library, the paper by G. Swartzman entitled, "Thepatient arrival process in hospitals : statistical analysis."

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