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Sung Kim 06-03-2016 12:56 PM

Shuttle System (Rack) Modeling
  • The system has two racks consisting of 20 levels, 688 bays, each rack. Between the two racks, vehicle should be located for retrieval and store the flowitems.
  • Initial inventory for each "cell" (bay, level) has 2 flowitems.
  • Just building the rack, and putting the flowitems make the model basically suffered with so many objects (more than 55,040 objects)
  • Even opening and saving takes very long.
  • I am afraid its running performance after all logic is placed. I tried compatibility graphic mode, but didn't help.
  • Is there any alternative for such a big rack system?
  • Any advice would be appreciated!!
  • I use v2016. Window7, RAM16GB, 64bit, IntelCore i7-4800MQ CPU @2.7GHz

Phil BoBo 06-03-2016 01:14 PM

My advice would be to not use flowitems. Store your data in a bundle global table and write your logic accordingly. Depending on what question you are trying to solve with the simulation model, you may structure your model differently.


Originally Posted by Sung Kim (Post 15279)
I tried compatibility graphic mode, but didn't help.

Compatibility Mode is never going to help performance. The point of compatibility mode is to sacrifice performance for compatibility. It is a last-resort option to be used to try to make the program run on hardware that doesn't meet the specs to run the program correctly.

Sung Kim 06-03-2016 02:11 PM

Understand and Agree
Thank you for the advice!
I thought about the approach you suggested, but hesitated a bit because of losing visual part.
I know the visual part could be a trivial and only cosmetic matter, but just feel sorry for losing graphical attraction of stacking totes in the rack/cell.
But this case, I think your suggestion would be the way. (Hopefully, my client generously understands this exceptional size issue :))

Jörg Vogel 06-04-2016 12:15 AM

Maybe you can switch off the compatibility mode. Then you switch off the shadows and the stereoscopic view, too. The next method could be to reduce the items by displaying only one item per cell. But then you exchange the shape, so it looks like two items are stored. Only when you retrieve an item the other one is placed back similar Phil suggested. Then the shape is changed, too.

Phil BoBo 06-06-2016 09:22 AM

You can use the mesh api to draw the boxes based on the data. Having a centralized location that draws everything can render really fast compared to having a bunch of individual objects rendering themselves.

You don't need to lose the visuals. You just have to write some custom code to render them based on your data instead of using the default flowitem object drawing.

That's what CT does with containers in yard blocks.

That's also how the newer modules (AGV, Conveyor) render their objects: as a system instead of as individual objects.

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