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RalfGruber 04-19-2016 10:39 AM

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Hi guys,

I built a little SCARA robot for a project I am going to do. It is far from perfect but I thought I'd share for improvement.
Unzip the attached zip file into FlexSim 16.0.1's libraries folder. It includes the user library, a sample model, and a folder with the media files.

Some comments:
- No GUI, all parameters as labels
- Just one rotation speed for all 3 rotation axis'
- Rotation of z axis depends on zrot of pickup and dropoff objects
- Queues have modified "Stack Base z" and 3D shapes
- Link2 and 3 making the arm are each 200 mm long. The original Epson LS300 links are 225 and 175 mm long. I cheated to simplify geometry ;)
- Warning message when pickup or dropoff exceed arm reach

Have fun and improve where you see need. It is good enough for my project as it is.


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